Fresh from Our Family Farm to Your Table

Freshness is something our family-owned and operated farm takes seriously. We understand that our loyal customers only want the freshest products for their families. Our customers enjoy the same fresh foods we feed our own children. Foods that take days or even months to reach store shelves are not what most of us want. River Valley Specialty Farms is the grower, producer and the processor of hemp hearts. This means our hemp seed are not sourced from other growers, we use our own seeds which ensure consistent quality. Our asparagus is also grown and harvested right on our farms and shipped direct to market.

Hemp Hearts

What is the “Freshness Advantage”?

It’s simple really: Our specialty foods get to store shelves and ultimately your home and dinner tables quicker. Because our crops are harvested at their peak maturity and spend less time being stored, shipped and packaged, they often reach store shelves, weeks, or even months before our competitors products. Who wants grains or seeds that sit in a stale storage bin for months or veggies that have been in coolers or warehouses for days or weeks before they get to your grocery store or market? Certainly not us. We take pride in ensuring our distribution chain and routes to market are fast. Spend a second and read our ingredient labels… no additives or preservatives here folks, just farm fresh goodness!

Our attention to packing and optimizing the freshness of our foods also adds to our River Valley Farms advantage. Combine our speed to market with the special care we give to using the right innovative packaging for each of our products and you too will find that to buy fresher food, you might have to come and pick it yourself! In fact, preservatives and additives to prolong shelf life are not a part of our recipe for good food. Our top priority is to maintain the farm-grown attributes and nutrients in all the foods we grow – and pass that on to you.
Hemp Hearts Package